Maritime shipping is the most cost effective and efficient way to transport large goods around the world. There are approximately 50,000 merchant ships that trade internationally, responsible for moving 90% of world trade. Clean and sustainable marine transportation industries are an important part of global trade, especially to those living in coastal communities and lake areas. 

The worldwide growth in shipping has resulted in increased emissions. In response to these impacts the International Maritime Organization (IMO), through its Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC), introduced regulations for the prevention of air pollution under Annex VI of the MARPOL Convention.  The Annex imposes a framework of mandatory limits on emissions of sulfur oxides (SOx) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) both globally and within designated sea areas, known as Emission Control Areas (ECAs).   To meet SOx emission limits, ship operators currently have two options: using low-sulfur fuels or using a SOx scrubber.

Ionadas' marine Membrane Scrubber™ system utilizes the latest in membrane technologies to provide ship owners a simple solution to save on fuel costs and satisfy the IMO Annex VI sulfur regulation. 

Specifically designed for marine environments, our  Membrane Scrubber™ provides superior operational performance, reliability and durability.   By continuing to utilize low cost fuels, and decreasing both energy consumption and ongoing maintenance, ship owners are able to achieve a rapid return on investment (ROI).

“membrane technology keeps flue gasses separate from the absorption solution, and selectively collecting SOx makes a sense to us, avoiding water contamination with hydrocarbons, complex separation processes before discharge, and significant amounts of sludge generation typical of wet scrubber technologies.” per Martin LePage –Director, Concept Naval

With the introduction of the world's first marine membrane EGCS, Ionada's Membrane Scrubber™ system is applying the high efficiency, reliability, and low energy consumption of membrane technology to EGCS.  The result is an EGCS that is is smaller, and more energy efficient than competitive wet scrubbers – making it the ideal solution for ship owners.

The Membrane Scrubber™ key advantages over wet scrubbers include:
  • Zero Wash Water Discharge
  • No PAH discharge
  • No turbidity discharge
  • No pH discharge
  • Fully VGP Compliant
  • No risk of being banned from operation in any port due to discharge restrictions.
  • No sludge disposal fees
  • Scale to any engine size 
  • Modular 'Plug-n-Scrub' design - providing leasing options to ship owners.

Please contact us to learn more about how our Membrane Scrubber™ system can save you money.