Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) power generation continues to contribute a significant portion of the global power supply, especially in regions with limited access to lower cost, cleaner burning, liquefied natural gas (LNG).  

As a residual product, HFO is a relatively inexpensive fuel, typically 30% - 50% less expensive than distillate fuels.  The global increase in oil production will continue to keep oil prices low for the foreseeable future, making HFO power generation one of the most cost effective and reliable sources of electric power.

Ionada's Membrane Scrubber™ exhaust gas cleaning scrubbing system provides a low cost, energy efficient, compact technology to reduce HFO power generation emissions and improve overall power plant efficiency through high efficiency cogeneration.     

Ionada is a pioneer in membrane Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS).  Membrane separation technology offers many advantages over conventional exhaust gas treatment technologies including:
  • no phase change or chemical additives
  • simple operation with no moving components
  • modular and easy to scale up
  • low energy consumption
  • greater efficiency for raw materials and recycling of by-products
  • reduced equipment size.
All of these advantages translate into cost savings and environmentally sustainable processes.

Ionada's Membrane Scrubber™ system is applying the high efficiency, reliability, and low energy consumption of membrane technology to EGCS.  The result is an EGCS that is is 50% smaller, and 30 % more energy efficient than competitive wet scrubbers.

Ionada's Membrane Scrubber™ system is the ideal solution for small power plants (0-100 MW), and remote power generation.

Key benefits of Ionada's membrane exhaust gas cleaning scrubbing system over conventional wet exhaust scrubbing technology include: 
  • 50 % smaller size
  • 30 % less energy consumption
  • No water consumption, and water recovery from exhaust - ideal for arid regions.
  • ultra high efficiency heat recovery cogeneration, reducing fuel consumption of HFO heaters.

The water and high efficiency cogeneration features of Ionada's membrane technology improve the energy efficiency of conventional HFO power generation by up to 15 %. 

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