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J004 Chemical Engineer

Title:  Chemical Engineer    

Location:  Concord, Ontario 

Type:  Temporary / Permanent

Posting Date:  September 2, 2014

Closing Date: September 30, 2014 

Job Description:   

Select and install test/measuring instrument and design/run experiments. 

Assess and develop test procedures and work instructions in the research and development of new product concepts or processes. 

Analyze/verify result and complete reports documenting the actual reactions quantitatively in each test.

Perform calculations involving advanced chemical and engineering principles to estimate process gas and fluid temperature/flows/pressure, thermal and mass transfer, thermal dynamic combustion analysis, etc.

Optimize process parameters to improve product efficiency as well as product/operating costs.

Assist in designing control system to ensure operational functions and safety.

Consult and collaborate with personnel in various engineering and design activities relative to the project requirements.

Support WHMIS, health and safety including recommended disposal practices and personal protection as listed within the product Material Safety Data Sheet.


Engineering disciplines preferably Chemical/Chemistry or Environmental sciences ( Knowledge of Environmental Impacts and Control of Emission Gases).

Must have aptitude and proficiency in the writing/balancing of solubility equations with associated rates of reactions as it relates to suitable solvents for the absorption of emission flue gases, namely SO2, NOx and CO. Assessment of optimized solvents will require low environmental impact and mitigate safety concerns for both the operational scrubbing system and individual operating personnel.

In-depth knowledge on exhaust gases, environmental regulations and heavy fuel combustion engines

Familiar with HVAC, plumbing, fluid control and instrumentation

Hands-on and hard working 

Proficient in common computer application

Basic understanding of statistics and conceptual knowledge of Taguchi methods for Design of experiments.

Basic understanding and utilization of cloud based information systems for document file management, storage of reports and project information.

Personal conduct is respectful of a professional business environment and is mindful of both written and verbal communication with peers, management and customers.

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