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Ionada Membrane Scrubber™ Sea Trials

posted Jun 1, 2015, 2:10 PM by Ionada Media

For Immediate Release June 26, 2015 - Concord, Ontario, Canada.  

Scrubbing Technology Evolves - Ionada announces completion of Innovative Membrane Scrubber™ Sea Trials on Bulk Carrier.                

With the ability to provide true Zero Discharge Ionada’s Membrane Scrubber is the first evolution in Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS) technology for SOx removal.

 "The results from our Membrane Scrubber™ sea trials exceeded the target performance objectives, with our SO2/CO2 ratio ten times lower than the 0.1% S equivalent regulatory standard. Our pilot installation, running 10% of total exhaust gas output for an 8MW engine, surpassed all our benchmarks for reliability, ease of operation, and installation, said Thomas Gehring, VP of Product Development.   “We have completed a major milestone in our commercial development - demonstrating the performance and sea worthiness of our Membrane Scrubber™.”

The absorption  solution in the nanoporous ceramic membranes wick the sulfur oxide out of the exhaust gas eliminating the wash water discharge issues common to traditional open and closed loop scrubber suppliers. This in turn reduces the equipment and instrumentation required, greatly simplifying the installation. 

Edoardo Panziera, Ionada's Founder and CEO went on to say “I am proud of our commissioning team and their work to complete the Sea Trials one month ahead of schedule.”

“Ionada would like to thank,  the ship owner Canada Steamship Lines, the crew of the Baie St. Paul, Transport Canada, the on-board validation performed by Environment Canada, and Lloyd's Register, whose experienced professionals made the commissioning and trials such a resounding success. “ 

“We are open and transparent in sharing our Sea Trial results, and encourage those interested to contact us to learn more about our testing and obtain a copy of our test reports, or directly from Transport Canada for the testing performed by Environment Canada"  

About Ionada Incorporated: 
Ionada ( is a Canadian technology leader in air emission and water treatment technologies, focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing marine Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS). Ionada's mission is to provide emission abatement technologies that not only keep our air and waters clean, but provide a financial benefit to our customers.   

Source, Ionada Incorporated.

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